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February 28, 2018

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February 28, 2018

Hello Dream Catchers! We begin the final countdown to Kickstarter. 26 hours to be exact!

January 20, 2018

Hello Dream Catchers!

It's been more than a month since the last update and there is so much we have to share with you! December was a crazy month and the Play Nation team was swamped with work from our board games café business. It was also harder to make progress on the work we wanted for the Dream Catchers campaign as our professional partners were also busy with other projects...

December 2, 2017

See what people are saying about Dream Catchers board game!

November 12, 2017

Blog post on the creative process behind the art of Dream Catchers board game.

November 5, 2017

We are posting additional FAQs and character abilities clarifications to the official rules following player feedback received during Spiel 17.

November 4, 2017

The Play Nation team visted Essen Spiel 17 over the past weekend and introduced the game to over 700 visitors. Read on as we share our experiences there!

July 13, 2017

The purpose of this post is to quickly introduce the key aspects of the game and provide you with all the info you need to understand how the game works. Certain assets used in this post are not final and may be subject to change in the final release, these assets will be updated whenever they become available! 

 Part One: The Room

This is where the game begins. To win the game, yo...

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