First look @ Dream Catchers: Key Components

The purpose of this post is to quickly introduce the key aspects of the game and provide you with all the info you need to understand how the game works. Certain assets used in this post are not final and may be subject to change in the final release, these assets will be updated whenever they become available!

Part One: The Room

This is where the game begins. To win the game, you have to collect enough sweet dreams to move up the sweet dreams scoring track.

Victory has to be achieved before nightmares wakes the sleeping child, time runs out, or too many monsters appear under the bed.

The game will feature 4 different rooms that the players can visit, each posing unique challenges to the team.

Part Two: Dream Catchers

The players takes on the role of Dream Catchers, each of them with a unique ability that allows them to affect the game outcome.

6 different Dream Catchers will be featured in the game.

Part Three: Dream Catchers Powers

Every Dream Catcher is imbued with the power to catch sweet dreams, remove nightmares and defeat nasty monster under the bed. The powers of the Dream Catchers are broken down into 6 types; discover, courage, fantasy, strength, treats, and love.

During the game, players play these power cards to interact with the sweet dreams, nightmare, and monster tiles. The power cards deck is made up of 33 cards, each of them with unique and beautifully illustrated art!

Part Four: Dream Deck: Sweet Dreams and Nightmares

The dream deck used in the game contains 32 tiles made up of 16 sweet dream tiles and 16 nightmare tiles.

Blue sweet dream tiles represents all the wildest fantasies of our sleeping child. Catch as many as you can in order to win the game. Some sweet dreams also reward you with a treasure chest when they are caught.

In this dream, our brave dreamer is battling a two-headed dragon with his trusty feline sidekick!

Nightmare tiles in red are scary and creepy! When they appear, they look for other similar nightmares in the Dreamscape (covered in the next blog post) to attack the sleeping child. If too many attack succeeds, the child wakes and the game is lost.

Remove them to prevent attacks!

Part 5: Monsters

Monsters appear throughout the night to attack the dream catchers and the sleeping child. These nasty creatures eat up sweet dreams from the Dreamscape when they appear, and requires specific powers from the dream catchers to be used in order to defeat them. Some monsters are stronger, and will be much harder to defeat!

Part 6: Treasure Chest

These unassuming treasure chest cards are drawn when a sweet dream with a treasure chest icon is caught. The treasure chest cards provide a one time bonus that may be the difference between victory and defeat!

And that's it folks! I hope that gives you a quick overview of what Dream Catchers is all about. Check out the next blog post where I will share more details on the Dreamscape system used in the game and how the nightmare tiles work to defeat the players.

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