Dream Catchers @ Spiel 17

Hallo fellow Dreamcatchers! The Play Nation team visted Essen Spiel 17 over the past weekend and introduced the game to over 700 visitors over the course of 4 days. That's 700 newly trained Dreamcatchers over 1 weekend, imagine how many more good dreams we can create together? As a new games publisher, we learnt many things over the course of this weekend, and I will like to share this experience with everyone reading this blog. Lesson 0: What kind of game is Dream Catchers? *Spoiler alert: Noob publisher ahead!* The first 3 hours of Spiel 17 presented the Play Nation team with an unexpected challenge. Visitors to our booth rightly asked the team what kind of game that Dream Catchers is. As a new publisher, we kinda did not expect to have to explain this at our booth, opps! While we fumbled to define what kind of game Dream Catchers is, it was harder to persuade players to try the game initially. Once we figured out what to tell people though, the tables was filled non stop for the rest of the fair, god bless our full bladders and empty stomachs! So... ... what kind of game is Dream Catchers? Dream Catchers is a light weight cooperative game for 2-4 players that plays out within 30 minutes. In this game, players take on the role of Dream Catchers who visits sleeping children at night and helps to give them a good night sleep by creating sweet dreams for them before the night is over. However, they have to accomplish this goal while battling monsters and nightmares who are working to scare the child up from sleep! Mechanically, Dream Catchers is a cooperative hand management abstract puzzle game with a push-your-luck element. The variance involved in the game stems from the fact that there are certain aspects of the game that are not fully controllable by the players. These elements includes, the movement of nightmare tiles on the dreamscape, and the appearance of monsters under the bed and sweet dream tiles that are removed from the game as a result. Dream Catchers is NOT a children's game, even though children can definitely play the game as well. Thematically, the game is centered around children and their dreams because we like sweet and beautiful things like that. However, the game is designed to challenge the players and is built to punish reckless players who take excessive risks in the game. Planning well as a team a few turns in advance is necessary to beat the game, especially at higher difficulty levels. So there, a proper introduction of Dream Catchers! If you still wish for a more detailed explanation, fret not and just CLICK HERE! Lesson 1: Spiel 17 - best place to meet new friends

Another happy Dream Catcher @ Spiel 17.

Let's be honest here, attending Spiel as a new publisher is an extremely stressful experience. We made plenty of bad decisions (and some good ones!) due to our inexperience as exhibitors. However, what is very heartwarming to the team was how friendly the people we meet in Essen were. The Play Nation team made many new friends in the industry who gave us valuable advice and helped us during the exhibition and turned what would be a nightmare scenario into a happy ending. Yes, it felt like a fairy tale to us too! Above all, we are so grateful to the 700 new friends who gave us their gift of time to play Dream Catchers for the first time. Given that each game takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, thats 350 hours that total strangers have entrusted to us to try out our new game. If I could, I would say thank you to all 700 of you personally! Lesson 2: Mochi, the real star of Dream Catchers booth As a new publisher with a new game that nobody knew about heading into the show, we knew we had to do something to attract/trick/bait/hook the discerning vistors into trying out the game or just to check out the game. What we decided to do is this; 1. Dress the Play Nation team in pyjamas uniform and bedroom slippers!

A team of Dream Catchers on their first mission. Judging from their reaction, I think they are doing pretty well!

The picture says it all. What better way to put players into the proper mood to catch sweet dreams than to be dressed appropriately for the occasion? Each host from the Play Nation team is fully decked out in our blue pajamas and bunny slippers during the show. : ) 2. Free Balloon of Mochi

The Play Nation team taking a picture with Mochi, the Panda Dream Catcher.

Our official mascot for the show was Mochi the Panda Dream Catcher! We gave out 1000 o