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Rules Clarification and FAQ

Hello fellow Dream Catchers, During our 4 days at Spiel'17, we encountered serveral questions from new players which we realised was not addressed in the rulebook. Addtionally, we realised that there was a misprint in the rulebook regarding one of the Dream Catcher character (Bubbles) ability that needs to be corrected. This post serves to address the issues identified, the Play Nation team will update the digital rulebook posted on this website in the days ahead. Our apologies for the inconvenience caused. Updated FAQ Question: What do we do when the Dream deck or the Power deck run out of cards? Answer: Simply shuffle the respective discard piles into new decks and keep playing. Shuffle well, and good luck! Question: I am playing a 3 or 4 players game. Can I use a treasure chest card or Mochi's (Panda Dream Catcher) character ability to move the nightmare scoring counter back beyond its starting position? Answer: Yes. That is totally acceptable!

Question: I am playing a game with Bedroom 4: Priscilla. When I discard cards to place weakness counters on a monster, does that count as towards my 2 actions per turn? Answer: No. Discarding cards to place weakness counters on monsters are free abilities and does not count as an action. Question: I am playing a game with Bedroom 5: Peter. During my Night Phase, the 2nd monster attacks. Does the nightmare score increases right away? Answer: No. The nightmare score does not change on the turn the 2nd monster attacks. It will increase by 1 from the next player's night phase if 2 monsters remain under the bed. Question: I am unsure of when I can use my Dream Catcher ability. Please provide a more detailed explanation. Answer: No problem!

Candy, Pixie, and Cooper can use their abilities permanently and are simply more efficient than other characters in specific situations. Mouse over or click on the images for more information.

Mochi and Jazz are support characters that can help save the team from defeat. However, they can only use their abilities during their turn.

Bubbles is a support character who can assist the team avoid nightmare attacks and prevent monsters from eating up sweet dreams. Bubbles is special from other Dream Catcher characters because her ability can by used during any player's turn!

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