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Behind the scene - The Art of Dream Catchers

Hello Dream Catchers! For this week's blog entry, I wanted to share another story with you. The story of how the art of Dream Catchers is created. Many players who fell in love with the art are curious about the creative process of the visuals, and we will like to share our process with you.

Read on to find out more!

From the onset, the vision for the art of Dream Catchers were that; - Each card to tell a story on their own - Stories told by each card should be relatable - Each card should draw an emotional response from the player To get the ball rolling, we started writing down every single dream senario in the game. We drew inspiration from dreams we had previously, or otherwise dreamed up scenarios we thought will connect with the players.

Several revisions of sketches were made, take a look at the sketches which didn't make it to the final print. Can you figure out which art they became eventually?

If you wish to, download the list of card description here! With all the action taking place in a child's mind and bedroom, it is no surprise that the little kid's pets and plush toys are recurring motifs in the game art...

Once the art was done, we showed the art to our friends and others players and the reaction we got from them was overwhelming! What dreams or nightmares do you remember from your childhood? Share your story with us in our Facebook comments.

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