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Dream Catchers around the world

Hello Dream Catchers! It has been a while since our last update (3 weeks). Our team at Play Nation has been hard at work preparing for our Kickstarter campaign in January 2018 and we will post more updates when we have more exciting news.

In the meantime, review copies of Dream Catchers have been sent to reviewers and media personality around the world and let's see what they have to say! Click on the respective titles to visit the reviewer's webpage.

Angela from Gamepalooza posted an short and sweet unboxing video on her Youtube channel, Girly Gamer. Since so many of our followers on this blog and website don't actually own a copy of the game yet, we feel that this unboxing video is a must watch to check out the game components and cards in the game.

Spelletjes Enzo from Holland wrote a detailed review of his experiences playing the game. What was especially touching was how he related the game to his own experiences as a father to a young girl. #heartmelts

The kind fellows at Spielfritte provided a short write up in German language based on their experience playing Dream Catchers during Essen Spiel.

Here is their observation:


"Even if Dream Catchers sounds like a girly game, it's tough and dangerous. A very difficult and extremely crisp cooperative game, which comes in different levels of difficulty."

(translated with google)


Why can't games that appeal to girly gamers be challenging to win? ; )

Mr Hilko Drude from Germany wrote a review in German following his play through.

It is overall a very fair and balanced look at the game in which he explained what he loved about the game (art and unique theme) as well as what areas that he felt could be improved (rulebook design, variance and difficulty of game). We are grateful for all feedbacks and will strive to improve our game going forward!

That's all we have for you today!

We hope you will continue to watch this space. We are working on something exciting for our Kickstarter campaign and will be sharing more pictures once those are ready... Meanwhile, drop us a message here to give us a shout out, or ask us anything. : )

Have a great weekend and dream sweet dreams tonight!

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