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26 hours to Kickstarter!

Hello Dream Catchers!

Our team has been so busy lately it has been a while since we last posted. After a long wait, our Kickstarter campaign is finally ready to launch, it will be going live on 1st March, 12 noon EST, mark your calendars! For our fans in Singapore and Asia, that is the 2nd March, 1am in Singapore, please rest well and send in your pledges in the morning. There will be no early bird rewards, so no pressure!

The team has put in so much effort on the campaign, I find it hard to believe we are finally at the starting line. *GASP!*

Campaign Rewards

Rewards for the campaign is actually very straightforward, you can;

· Pledge for a copy of the base game.

· Pledge for 3 copies of the game if you are buying with friends and family.

· Pledge for the Miniatures Edition which includes the base game plus a set of 6 colored PVC miniatures.

· Pledge for the Collector’s Edition which includes the base game, set of 6 colored PVC miniatures, plus a large rubber playmat.

By now, most of you will be very familiar with the game itself. So I shall skip to the point most people are curious about...

Aren't these miniatures absolutely adorable?! These collector's item are very expensive to produce and is very unlikely to be available for sale in retail stores post campaign. Don't sit on the fence for this one!

The Collector's Edition of Dream Catchers will include all 6 minis as well as the Dream Catchers Playmat.

Collector's Edition Playmat

Stretch goals

Other then the chance to get your hands on the very limited miniatures and playmat, another reason is to unlock even more goodies to enhance your Dream Catchers experience!

There are plenty of stretch goals to unlock, including additional Dream Catchers character, bedroom, monster card, as well as a faerie power card which will be a Kickstarter exclusive! The art featured on the card will also be a direct way for the Play Nation team to thank our backers for making our campaign a success, take a look!

Big thanks to our backers for making this possible!

Another stretch goal bonus that we are SUPER EXCITED to share with you is that, we will be including an art book featuring the most popular art of Dream Catchers presented with a new level of imagination and interpretation that is mind-blowing!

Okay, that is a lot of hyperbole in a sentence. We will let you see for yourself!

Cat pedicure

Cat Pedicure has been one of the most popular sweet dream cards in Dream Catchers for the longest time. Many people love cats, and many people love pedicures, its a no brainer, really. But what if we go behind the scene to check out what really goes on behind the spa?

Our cat spa is a staged act in a sweet dream theatre!

Honestly, I looove this new extended art for the Cat Spa and I hope you feel the same! If unlocked, the art book will feature a total of 20 such art pieces in a B5 booklet that is the same size as our rule book. Help us make it happen, thanks!

That's all we have to share for now. Suffice to say, we are all very excited for the KS, and we hope you will share in our joy and excitement too!

We are now set to go live in 26 hours. If you have not done so, please register for a Kickstarter account here.

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