Kickstarter Campaign Date and Campaign Goodies!

Hello Dream Catchers!

It's been more than a month since the last update and there is so much we have to share with you! December was a crazy month and the Play Nation team was swamped with work from our board games café business. It was also harder to make progress on the work we wanted for the Dream Catchers campaign as our professional partners were also busy with other projects. Work on the preparations for the campaign picked up steam after the first week of January and we are excited to share the following updates with you!

1. Projected Kickstarter Campaign Launch Date

We had a few queries from Dream Catchers around the world on when they can expect the KS campaign for the game to go live. Originally, the intended campaign date was set at 31st Jan. However, we did not anticipate how busy we would be with the work from our board games café. Work on the Dream Catcher project was heavily disrupted during the festive season as our professional partners (artist/animators/manufacturers) also had other more urgent priorities. The team got back on track with the project in January. However, based on our understanding of the current progress, we determined that it will not be fair to our backers to rush our work. Subsequently, we decided to postpone the campaign launch date to 1st March (Thursday) instead. The new launch date is also set based on consultation with our manufacturer in China. As the Chinese New Year was approaching, many workers based in China will be away from their work for 2-3 weeks for their national holiday. Consequently, we decided that it was better to launch the campaign when all stakeholders are back at their posts so that we can better respond to queries from any backers and also provide timely updates on the production sampling process.

We hope to seek the understanding of all Dream Catchers out there and hope to bring you a great campaign in March!

2. More Goodies for Kickstarter Backers!

What have the Play Nation team been working on over the past few weeks? Lets take a look!

New Dream Catcher Characters

These Monkey Dream Catchers have mischief up their sleeves!

One of the feedback we received from players was how much they loved the different Dream Catcher characters. Almost all of the characters had their fans, even though some were more popular then others. Therefore to kick off our KS campaign, we will be adding a new Dream Catcher character card featuring not one, but three monkeys, Cheeky, Merry and Munchy! This character card will be included as a stretch goal in the campaign (stretch goal targets will be revealed )

While the primary interest of the three monkeys is to bring fun and joy to bedrooms all around the world, they have an important trick up their sleeve. During the game, the player controlling Cheeky and friends has the ability to discard all the cards in their hand and redraw 4 new cards.